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May 13, 2007



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Kiwi Carlisle

I finally lost the weight I was having trouble losing, because I lost the relationships that went with the weight. I was in some bad relationships, with men who "liked me fat" and who were always dragging me out for fast food, during which I put on sixty pounds. So, over the past three years (I didn't crash diet, or anything), I've gotten back to my target weight. I do, however, come from an overwhelmingly thin family, so I don't have genetics to contend with. I do have to watch myself for some bad old food habits (the aforementioned fast food, my love for bags of chips, junky candies and "juices" full of corn syrup, etc.) that have to stay undone. If I'd done this earlier, I might have not have had to get double bunion surgery at an early age, and my knees might have been healthier for years longer. The cartilage in my right knee pretty much gave out and I went through months of painful therapy for it. The extra weight I was carrying was really too much for my frame.

So, how do you define "health"? It's all debatable. I do feel better now that I weigh what I once did. My BMI is 20.4, by the way.

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