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May 07, 2007


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The fashion industry for their squishy and blame-shifting response to the problem of anorexia.....

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Does sustained vomiting and gagging (meaning over a period of several
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Gucci thinks THAT is too fat? Are you freaking kidding me? They must only want models who look like Skeletor, all bulimic and anorexic and stuff.

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are you still existing ??


I think that versace models are also too skinny


i dont think gucci is happy
doutzen is going to be the next supermodel after gisele...because when that time will come (problably 2008)... a lot of people will 'hate' gucci for saying doutzen is too fat)


The criticism is valid, but Too Fat For Fashion is a terrible blog. The owner regularly censors any comments that run counter to her own statements -- even if those comments are soberly written, use no profanity, and are size-positive. TFFF is a dictatorship where the owner allows no one to disagree with her opinions, even on important topics, and such a heavily-censored blog, we can all do without

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